The ҌridgeҌurners

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PostSubject: Welcome.......   Sat Jan 21, 2012 8:06 am

The ҌridgeҌurners.

We are a regional based alliance relying on heavy donations from our players to grow and expand as fast as possible
-You must speak reasonable English or make a good attempt to do so
-You must communicate and play an active role in the alliance. This includes joining our Alliance Skype chat, and participating in our Forum.
-You must be active. We are a fighting alliance, we do not want fence sitters, and we don't do baby-sitting or tolerate players who just want our protection. We help & protect our active players; those who also help themselves. If you are not as interested in the fighting aspects of the game as others, you will then be expected to economically help those who are in order for them to maintain large armies & navies. You will do this by in some cases donating resources directly to them, or in other cases by buying resources from them.

But you WILL contribute.


Requirements to join:
Total Score: within 75% of our average alliance score
General Score: Top 500 high score
Offensive Score: Top 500 high score
Donation Score: 5% of Total Score
You must be extremely active.

If you only meet two out of three of the requirements, but exceed in one of those two categories, you may still apply. Also, having a sponsor already in The ҔridgeҔurners will help out the most.

If you still believe you should be recruited send message to our Diplomats

If you want more information, then please send a message to Honey Badger or Demandred. They are the Home Secretaries and thus responsible for accepting/kicking members.

We might accept peace treaties but they will not be listed here, you will know who you are

~~~ WARS - Currently we are not officially at WAR with any Alliance ~~~
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